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Xu basil angry, his open hand to pull the clothes well, see that the man does not let go, is the bow, mouth, bite directly on the back of his hand down." the old man floated an information kit schematic Shan read out ~ "How much?" Shan ~ "100 million. Thought of it, she is in with his sulking to be as fiercely pulling the grass of this earth, and it has long been unconsciously that his backpack full. "Mother . And this wake up, I have a splitting headache, a series of strange memories of fleeing channeling mind mixed with her memory, that stir chaos ah. "Old people also died there do not even clean a go wash rice, cook a meal, do not you remember the four parts. Now she even be sure, this man had lost his mind.

While the other end is the so-called silent black pig, followed by its owner look like, if it is because it is a pig, Xu basil really think they are twins it. Her pale face out, Xu Qiang was very surprised, immediately scolded: "Your body bone good, this moisture outside and heavy drops woods everywhere you go along doing. . "The old man you do not installed, your acting sucks, yeah," I looked at him a look of contempt ." Finally, he made the biggest concessions, which might be his first time in 24 years for a stranger so polite." Shan voice again ~~ wafting from the kitchen "okay!" I took a room in a purple tutu - in a black waist bow, two lines across the bow, down to the leg, and then put on flat shoes purple, purple hair on a white belt Crown, look just like a princess.

Unexamined back home, and even shouted Liu Xu of basil are suddenly taste. "Out of a price, I know, you're short of money. Xu basil hum from the nose and saying to her this Mother ah, that is too honest, this house will be another one under the heel of a man, not that it did not have a son? What's wrong with her, and she fell to see a few of his old grandson of Alex won her against a basil Xu Why? "Mother, do this to us milk every time, sooner or later one day we will be abused by her death, say, and Ziying purple nightshade so small, if everyone can develop a bully's temper, which later married, Zhibu Ding will be bullied, do we have to go on what has been so weak? " That everything has roots and the root of several of them in Yu's body, as long as she defend their dignity, guarding their children, a strong point, this paper Meier and Aunt so definitely not oppress them." Just that road insolent voice came again, Xu basil just look away, this one, mouth straight draw, Nima, said it is too small belly is black, that's just so, in front of male baby eleven or twelve , a Huse Jin Pao, Yuguan hairdo, delicate features such as engraving, a pair of black eyes shine if the stars, at the moment, but a look of disdain looked Xu basil, mouth hanging crooked smile. NFL Jerseys from china,Cheap NFL Jerseys from china,Wholesale NFL Jerseys from china,nike NFL Jerseys from china Huang big tall, skin side black, facial asymmetry seems always felt, and it was like thunder with his voice, so big, that she was crying, it guarantees that the surrounding neighbors can hear. This beautiful mountain Wowo, it touches on a pension a good place, wooded, deep-rooted, the way is verdant green of a large, but like rare herbs actually have not seen, in order to complete the task, that is, there did not look at the He began to pull the grass.